Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Spring at our new farm...

We’re really enjoying the first lovely spring days here at our new farm.
Just look at those flowers in the stone wall – aren’t they just charming?

The reconstruction work is progressing as planned and the first rooms are ready for our first photo shooting. We’re just so excited and can’t wait to start decorating!

We’ve been shopping at markets and in shops, and we’ve searched high and low in lofts and hidden rooms to find the right things.
Here we can furnish and decorate just the way we love it with lots of old furniture, floor-length curtains and all that…..we’re simply loving it.
Can you imagine what it’ll all look like?

- Vivian


  1. Love the flowers on the wall. I am looking forward to have a look how you will decorate...
    Nice greetings from austria

  2. You inspire so much heartfelt beauty with your Madonnas in windows and niches and everywhere. I have embraced your words..."that we can never have too many Madonnas". Thank you lovelies xx

  3. I am really excited to see the treasures you decorate your farm house with. I just bought a hundred year old tiny farmhouse in the mountains. I really wanted to downsize my life, but living in and decorating a 570sq foot farmhouse has been a huge challenge. I have filled it with Shabby, chippy, rusty, vintage, farmhouse treasures with some bling bling also. Looking forward to seeing future posts. Blessings.

  4. Beautiful pictures...... thank you for them

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