Monday, January 18, 2016

Bring back color

We’re inveterate devotees of our own version of French/Nordic country style and stay very true to the style, a fact for which we’ve received much praise throughout the past almost 12 years of working with it. And we definitely intend to stick with it – not only because we believe that you should practice your main talent but also because people tend to excel at the things that they enjoy doing, after all.

Nevertheless, we sometimes feel an urge to develop new sides to the style, perhaps by taking the best part of other styles and implementing them so they fit in.

Right now, we really want to bring back color. For many, many years we’ve gone through an almost colorless period and couldn’t get enough of everything white and weathered.

We still really like the weathered look and light and bright remains dominant as well, but we feel that adding color to the décor provides an interesting twist. Some colors are stronger than others but they’re all a bit faded and thus fit in really well with the style. Some of the colors we’ve included are various shades of green, vintage red and turquoise in varying degrees of intensity.

What do you think? Have you jumped on the bandwagon of color? You’re more than welcome to send us your pictures and stories either to the editorial office or through our Facebook page! /Vivian


  1. The JDL neutral palette is what inspires me most. There is just nothing like it here in the states. Our magazines and style trends are full of color. Thankfully your addition of color is soft and gentle. I like your new florals too. Thank you for inspiring me so much in quiet living. xx

  2. Oops! I just left you a comment on your previous post below - I really meant for it to be here - hope you will go back and read it.

    Thanks - have a wonderful day.
    Mary - A Breath of Fresh Air

  3. I love what you do to show the paint colours here. Novel approach vs. simply showing a wall with such on it.

  4. I have always included soft pinks, greys and silvers in my work and home. Though the majority of my items are whites and beige.