Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy New Year

A new year is ahead of us and the expectations for what it might bring are always great. It most often turns out that things don’t go quite according to plan. But luckily it frequently turns out that the plans change for the better. We already know a little about what you as a reader can expect however. We have a lot of exciting plans for the year 2016 here at the editorial office. One of the things we’re working on at the moment is an exciting series of articles that follows the renovation of ’Tinghøjgaard’, which we purchased in the fall. You can follow the restoration one room at a time to see how we renovate the old farmhouse and furnish it entirely in the French-Nordic country style. The first article of the series will be featured at the end of the summer. But until then you can follow the remodel of the 2nd floor of Jørgen and Lonnie’s farmhouse, Lindely, starting in our next issue. Here you’ll find plenty of tips for how to bring daylight into your rooms without adding skylights. We’re also working on a new book about our ’Vintage Paint’, which has particularly captured all of our hearts. The book will be released in the course of 2016. In this first issue of the magazine for 2016, you can read about some of the brand new trends within the style that we believe are coming in 2016. It’s about decorating with even more vintage textiles and accessories in both brown and black as well as more colorful elements such as pink and blue. We think it adds an interesting perspective to the style which goes really well with either the light and feminine style or the more raw variety if that’s what you prefer. Of course you’ll still find plenty of inspiration for the more traditional variety of the style as well along with plenty of wonderful homes with each their own charm, DIY articles and, as always, lovely dishes that are easy to make. /Vivian

Happy New Year and happy reading!


  1. Your January issue is so amazing! Thank you for all of your hard work that goes into this beautiful work of art. Happy New Year!