Monday, November 2, 2015

We do like this time of year

Christmas will very soon be here ... As always, the holiday season seems to be suddenly upon us. Once we turn the page to November, the days fly by so you just have to make sure to enjoy the moment. These next two months are an amazing, lovely time. We're surely mentioned it before but we simply love this time of year with everything that it entails. We're so excited to go out gathering things in the woods, visit market and go browsing in cozy stores; talking to people, shopping and finding inspiration. We can't wait to decorate inside and outside the house – to be creative and come up with ideas. We're looking forward to making decorations and planning sweet surprises in the form of Advent gifts, special Christmas presents or hostess gifts. To making and eating all of the delicious foods and heavenly candies. Spend time with friends and family that we may not get to see as often throughout the rest of the year.

You may think we get our fill of Christmas from work. After all, we do "Christmassy" things year-round. We're always working on new ideas, making new designs for Christmas decorations and coming up with article pitches. But that doesn't keep us from going nuts when we finally reach November – at home and at work! This results in lots of wonderful Christmas articles offering a wide range of inspiration, among other things. Dorthe's amazing Advent decorations really take the cake this year in our opinion. They're just so beautiful, unique and each with their own charm. They're each based on a color theme so you can find inspiration regardless of whether you prefer gold, copper, silver, traditional red or more natural tones. You'll also find inspiration for pretty Advent calendars in true Jeanne d'Arc Living style, which we dare say will thrill any recipient.

We hope you'll really enjoy your Christmas preparations and have as much fun with it as we do. /Vivian


  1. I love your magazine and while I can not afford each issue I keep all those I have purchased over the last couple of years and share them with friends. Every issue is so beautiful and I find it relaxing to just sit with a cup of tea and your wonderful magazine.
    Many blessings and I hope all your holiday dreams come true. ,

  2. I think this November issue will be a favorite issue for many years. I have been purchasing your beautiful magazine since 2010. The Autumn issue of 2010 has remained a forever favorite. I often share your magazines on my blog and Instagram and I shared this issue already. I also judt purchased your vintage lace angel wings to use in my holiday French Nordic decorating. Thank you for the peaceful inspiration always.