Thursday, October 29, 2015

Lower your expectations

I recently attended a cozy concert where the singer shared his secret to a great life with us. The secret is to lower your expectations of everything. We had quite a laugh about this piece of advice that evening. But it’s actually stuck with me and I’ve since given it a lot of thought.
Because he’s right! Naturally, we shouldn’t do away with all of our goals and expectations – of ourselves, of each other and of life. That’s not what it’s about. But I actually believe that we could all benefit from scaling back just a bit. In the upcoming months in particular, many of us are given to being a tad too optimistic about the number of things that we can and should find the time for.

If we lower our expectations, we’ll be pleasantly surprised by anything extra that we’re able to do rather than frustrated with not getting around it everything that we want to do! Doesn’t that sound great? We might even find time for a bit of improvisation along the way.

There’s nothing better, in our opinion, than feeling like you have plenty of time – whether it’s time to visit an elderly family member, bake cookies with the kids, go shopping with a girlfriend or simply indulge yourself with a day of pampering. Time is the secret code that makes all the difference.

This weekend I’ll once again allow myself plenty of time to pack up our home as we’ll be moving in the next few weeks.

Much to several people’s surprise, I’ve been packing for the past few months – sorting, organizing and packing. As a family we’ve played loud music, danced and enjoyed each other’s company; come across old pictures and books from when the kids were still in pre-school and passed an hour talking about them and remembering; found old toys or craft supplies that had been stored away; allowed ourselves to take two hours out of the calendar and play with these things. We've had so much time to pack that we’ve been able to afford the luxury of calling it quits early before running completely out of steam and still feeling like we’ve had a weekend; drink coffee with a neighbor that stopped by, take a walk in the sunshine or whatever else occurred to us. It’s given us a whole new experience of packing up a house before a move than if we’d had to rush through it all in two days – and we highly recommend it.

So this weekend we’ll once again take our time and lower our expectations of how much we can achieve and remember to live life, too.

Have a great weekend out there! /Vivian


  1. Vivian, thank you so much for this gift, you shared with us about lowering expectations. This is so right!!! And of course, we know that - but we forget about it all the time. You reminded me - and helped me more than you could think!
    So again, thank you so much! Have a cloud of wonderful sparkling energy these cozy days, and greetings from me, Méa

  2. Hi Vivian, this took me by surprise to! But I understand. Just to the best you can roll with the punches and love the joy when it comes. Life is just to sort to fret about everything. Thanks for the reminder. Jo