Friday, September 4, 2015

Down memory lane

Some people love it; others hate it. To us, not knowing what the day will bring is mostly fun. The thought of every day being fixed and specified can seem almost frightening. There has to be room for improvising. This doesn't hold quite as true as it once did however. These days a lot of deadlines must be met in order for everything to run smoothly. It wasn't like that 11 years ago when Lonnie and I first started our small company. We used to meet up at Lonnie's house in the mornings. I'd bring my three kids so they could play Lonnie's daughter who was also at home. Then we'd sit down and talk about what we wanted to do that day. If the weather was good enough for taking photos outside – no wind and not too sunny – well, then we'd head outside to do flowers, small DIY projects or creative things that the children could be part of as well. If fresh asparagus were in season and they looked particularly great that day, we might do a piece on those. Other times we felt like going for a drive at random just to see what we might find. A beautiful garden or an interesting house that we passed on our way could be a potential article. And yet other times we'd go searching through flea markets or secondhand stores for ideas and inspiration. Sometimes we would end up spending all day right there by the kitchen table just talking about all of our dreams and ideas. We still try to preserve a bit of this impulsive work approach – at times to the frustration of our staff members. We know that but this is, after all, how the best ideas come about. When you're not under pressure and you let your passion guide you. Being creative on cue can be exceedingly difficult. So we often end up changing our plans. Perhaps one of us or one of our creative staff members gets a really good idea that simply must be realized right away. Some of the articles in this issue actually came about just like that. The article about using old brooches in your decor came about as a sudden impulse one day when we had actually gone to Lonnie's house for a different photo shoot. Using the differently colored green beans that I just happened to spot at a farm store was also on a whim. They just looked so pretty that I had to bring them back to the office – and then we just had to put together a piece about green beans that day. We hope you'll find plenty of inspiration – including for being impulsive – in this September issue of our magazine. /Vivian

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