Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Creative Time

Things sure are happening at a rapid pace outside right now. Fall is here and it won't be long before winter sets in around these latitudes. Some find it sad and, granted, some days are a bit too windy and rainy for our taste but there's something beautiful and really cozy about this time of year as well. We feel the urge to head inside and cozy up with candles, warm blankets and family time and to plan out our creative DIY projects for the upcoming winter season – for which we hope that this magazine will provide inspiration. We've got wonderful, creative fall homes, delicious fall foods and plenty of ideas for indoor pastimes, easy ones as well as more advanced projects.

One article that we particularly enjoyed working on was the one about painting madonna figures. It happens from time to time that a special sense of serenity presents itself when we're settled in working on a creative project and experimenting. We'll chat about which colors might go together to create the look that we're going for, try our way a bit, repaint and start over. We help each other out, offering each our own competencies. One person is especially good at combining colors, someone else has a special knack for patinating and yet another person is the expert at painting natural-looking faces. It's a really nice feeling when everything finally seems to form a synthesis and we achieve a result that we all feel is better than if we'd been working on our own. So we encourage you to share your hobbies and interests with others – either family or friends who share the same interests or sign up for a class or join groups online if you don't already know someone. Take inspiration from each other and help each other – it's one of the great joys in life. /Vivian

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  1. Hej på er!
    Jag har just köpt er bok om målning. Har en undren kan man måla på betong med er färg. Har nämligen lite fula frukter som skulle behöva få lite finare utseende och tycker att er färg låter bra till det.
    Tack för svar.