Monday, September 14, 2015

A Flowering Town Gate

Our company is located in a small town north of Randers, Denmark, by the name of Kondrup. The area is dotted with farms and the town is surrounded with fields.

Some of the farmers have put up a 6 foot wide section of flowers, almost like a living, flowering town gate welcoming each of us as we drive into town. The project is carried out with support from the consulting firm LMO, which specializes in farmers’ needs. Not only does it look stunning, they’ve also let us pick as many bouquets as we wanted throughout the summer.

Tonight had that true late summer feel to it – warm and calm – and Lars and I went for our usual evening walk along the gravel roads by our wind mills. At the end of the road, I picked this large bouquet of beautiful, pink cosmos. I’ll be able to enjoy that in our living room throughout the weekend and be sure to send a kind thought for the farmer.

Here’s hoping that next year will see even more farmers taking advantage of the possibility thus enriching us all. /Vivian


  1. What a wonderful idea! It would be lovely if the French farmers around our cottage would do the same, but I can't see that ever happening. Beautiful photographs of the Cosmos flowers.

  2. They`re so amazing and beautiful ♥ Alexandra

  3. So lovely. ..thank for sharing
    Good evening