Wednesday, April 15, 2015

That special feeling… almost like a fairy-tale

Once upon a time there were two woman with passion for a specific style which was one of their own…..

They had a dream about turning their lifestyle into their business. They wanted to inspire others who also had that same passion, and started a very small business with making cards themselves. They had to work very hard to get their business running. Nobody really did believed that much in their idea. Their strong personalities helped them to go on and following their heart and passion after all. Just to live out their dream.

After some years they produced their first book and impressed the people by that impressive piece of passion and beauty. Also a couple in the Netherlands saw the little company. Ineke and Erik Hoetjes shared that same passion for the style and soon the beginning of cooperation was born.

Time passed bye and more and more people where surprised bye this great new style. Next to several books, a magazine was started and also products of the same style offered one by one. Due to a lot of perseverance the ladies built slowly a very nice company. The magazine slowly got more and more readers and also dealers wanted to be a part of that special feeling that was created. Now after 10 years the dream reached another level. A Jeanne d´Arc inspirations house was built to honor the style Vivian and Lonnie created. It is almost like a fairy-tale.

The house is built to inspire and share with the customers, who also can stay overnight in this fantastic place. Here the customers can live the dream and passion for this beloved style to the full extend. The small farmhouse is situated in the middel of the Dutch fields next to an old forrest in the North east of The Netherlands. The quiet county side goes hand in hand with the beloved Jeanne d’Arc Living style, and being there makes all the normal day life fade away as soon you passed the old warn doorstep.

The style welcomes and surprises you like a warm breeze. All rooms shows a wide variety of great decoration of this style as it covers the whole range, from quality table to elegant curtains… Vases, a self designed porcelain range, lamps, sofa’s, linnen, its endles and great in harmony. Each room is different and shows you new idea’s and different product ranges, from fashion to paint, and…. it is all inspiring. The house is showing you that Jeanne d’Arc Living is not just a brand. it is a feeling... it is passion… it is a way of life… its the way of life like Vivian and Lonnie see it, and want to share it with you. /Vivian


  1. A Jeanne d'Arc Living house, what a fabulous idea. And to be able to stay there and live the Jeanne d'Arc life is fantastic. Keep doing what you are doing, we love it!

  2. I wish I was not afraid to fly because I would fly over to stay in your lovely JDL farmhouse. I am so grateful that you followed your dream because you have inspired the way I live. I have been purchasing your magazines and books since 2010. I was finally able to purchase your clothing recently. I love everything. Most of all I appreciate your hearts behind all that you do. Thank you again. I will live the rest of my days in the Jeanne d Arc Living style. xxo Kerrie

  3. WHAT AN IDEA!!! WOW! And: Congratulations!!! Ohhh, keep on going, please, and I am looking foreward to the next magazine - I guess, it will be in there???
    Ohhh, how I wished to be there now! You were working so hard on this all, my Goodness!! When do you sleep? Such a house, ohhhh... It is perfect.
    You see, you flashed me completely, hahaha, Hugs to you all, you golden Ladies, we love, what you are doing - and daring.
    Best wishes and Hurrrayy from Méa

  4. ...Like a fairytail...
    Hugs from Jenny

  5. It's like living the Jeanne d'Arc Living dream. To be able to soak it all up in the one place is such a great idea. Perhaps it would be a dream to visit there from Australia one day but in the meantime I will continue to enjoy your monthly magazines.
    Bonjour mes ames,

  6. un bel endroit qui donne envie de venir !