Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas stress? No thanks!

Every year, all the editorial office staff spends the months of October and November talking about all the things we want to prepare for Christmas. This happens naturally when we start planning the magazine Christmas editions and the features. We make Advent calendars for our children, parents or girlfriends. We create our own Christmas decorations with materials from the forest – preferably together with a bunch of girlfriends so that we can chat and share a bottle of wine at the same time. Christmas cleaning, including sorting out all cupboards, has to be done before we unpack all the boxes full of Christmas ornaments, and of course we need to add some new, homemade ornaments this year as well.
Then we want to bake and make confectionery together with our children, friends and family who can’t wait for the (homemade) delicacies that we serve afterwards. Then there’s Christmas lunch with all its traditional, homemade dishes. We arrange shopping trips including coffee house breaks and visits to various exhibitions and Christmas markets. And we do need at least one Christmas movie to get in the mood. In my family we also do Christmas cleaning and house decoration, including homemade lunch, at the family seniors’ house, and in between we have quite a few birthdays that need to be celebrated properly. Just the mere thought of all these tasks and the planning makes you short of breath. Before you know it, every single day is crammed full of things that need to be done. Instead of enjoying the Christmas season we face lots of unwanted obligations. This is simply frustrating. The only solution is to reduce expectations of each other and not least of yourself. We need to prioritize the important ( = cozy) tasks and figure out some easy solution for everything else. Celebrating Christmas together can be just as wonderful even though the confectionery or the cookies are not homemade and the birthday party is just a simple brunch. I personally prioritize my ability to plan my day spontaneously: going for a walk if the sun is shining or getting up on Sundays and having plenty of time to just be…without lots of plans. My TO DO-list turns shorter and shorter every day….not because I manage to do a lot but because I remove some of the tasks. What a relief! I’m never stressed at Christmas.

We wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year
Lonnie og Vivian

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