Monday, October 20, 2014

Delightful changes

We haven’t been blogging much lately but for a good reason: we’ve been working hard – and still are – on finishing our new book full of exciting do-it-yourself projects involving our paint and wax products. As we have decided to only show completely new projects in our book, we’ve gotten ourselves into a lot of work. Although the paint is very easy to use, it’s still very time-consuming to develop the ideas, get all the pieces of furniture, and paint and patinate them. Hard work but lots of fun because we just love painting and being creative! We have a great team here at the editorial office and in the company as a whole, and such a project requires everybody to work extra hard next to all the everyday tasks. We want to thank all you lovely people in the Jeanne d´Arc team for making this happen. We’re really looking forward to showing you our book…but for now you’ll have to do with some simple blogs. /Vivian

Do you like what you see?

The book will be published in Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch and German. An English version will be printed, when the paint is available to overseas areas.

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