Monday, August 4, 2014

August charm

Right now while summer is still here, most people feel at one with nature. My favorite thing around this time of year is waking up in our summerhouse where nature is all around me. As soon as we open the door or whenever we sleep with the windows open, we can breathe in the clear forest air. Even though we live in the country at home as well, the smells are just completely different here in the woods. And then there are the sounds! The bird life is magnificent and the tall trees amplify the birds' singing. It sounds amazing. In the morning I always sit on the porch simply enjoying life the way it is right now – all by myself, a cup of coffee in hand. If I'm lucky, a deer or a squirrel might come by. The very first warm rays of sun touch down right there. Other days it might be raining and both the sounds and smells are completely different. The sound of the rain on the roof and the smell of the damp forest floor have a charm of their very own, too. Wonderful seating areas around the garden happens to be the topic of one of the articles in this issue – places to sit and enjoy the last warm days of summer before late summer and fall really set in.

Happy reading!/Vivian

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