Tuesday, May 20, 2014

When, did you say?

Seasons and holidays tend to get a bit confusing when you work with staggered deadlines like we do.
Right now Dorte is working on designing and shooting the Christmas photos for our website – because the pre-sale for our Christmas collection begins on June 1st.

Lonnie and I have gone to the woods these past few days to photograph the new clothing collection for this fall. We managed to find a place in the woods that looks a bit fall-like even though the calendar says May.

Our team of graphic designers are working on finalizing the layout for the July issue, which will be sent to the printer soon – and our stylists are working on articles for the May 2015 issue…

We occasionally have to ask each other: Now, when did you say that these photos that we’re working on today are supposed to be published? /Vivian

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