Wednesday, March 12, 2014


The weather is finally starting to warm up and spring is on its way. Snowdrops are popping up everywhere and the trees are in bud.

Everyone’s spirit is automatically raised and the urge to be outdoors increases. These past several days I’ve gone for a long walk after work – with my family or with a good friend. It’s just amazing to feel the warm sun and hear the lark singing high in the sky. And it’s nice to get some exercise and take in nature’s fragrance. You can have the best talks while walking together … discuss the challenges of everyday life and inspire each other in various ways.

One day I cut down a bunch of branches on my way home. I placed them in a pitcher with some store-bought tulips. On a different day, Lonnie and I dug up snowdrops for an article. Like the grape hyacinths in the photograph, I planted them in a decorative container and placed them on the dining table. Now we enjoy the sight of them and feel the spring atmosphere every time we sit down for a family meal.

Something else that we do to bring out the nice atmosphere is to go around the table and have everyone say what the best part of their day was. This helps us think of positive things rather than the negative. As humans we usually have some sort of complaint and tend to forget that even on the worst day, something good happened as well. We begin with the youngest family member, and everyone gets their time to talk. If the kids have friends over, they take part as well.
I hope you like the idea and feel like trying it with your own family.

Have a wonderful day out there in the sunshine. /Vivian

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