Monday, March 31, 2014

Come, lovely May with blossoms

This issue of the magazine is nothing short of amazing. For the first time ever, we’ve put together a theme about weddings. It’s beautiful and inspiring. We’ve included ideas for table arrangements and floral decorations, the surroundings and accessories – which of course you can use for all of your other springtime celebrations as well.

On the menu this month is delicious food on skewers, which is easy to make on a warm May evening. We’ve also transformed four old clock cases using our new Vintage Paint. They’ve been given new life as decorative and useful cabinets.

Here at the office we had a huge layer cake party. Some of our co-workers brought in their personal favorites, and we turned the recipes into a truly delectable article. Give them a try and find your favorite.

And as always, there are plenty of wonderful homes for our readers who simply love decorating.

Happy reading! /Tina og Vivian

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