Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wednesday, December 18th:

I completely forgot to tell you about our little Christmas game out here.

Santa's little helpers...

Throughout the month of December we've had a lot of fun being "Santa's little helper" for someone.

These little helpers can be a bit mischievous – a bit of friendly teasing is part of the game – but mostly they're very nice.
Sweet little presents and decorations of various types have been making their way from one office to the next.

My office, for instance, has been invaded by several wall pixies that hang from my pictures all over – much to the amusement of the entire staff who all know how much I despise red wall pixies.

There's been much laughter and guesswork. It'll be interesting to see if we'll all be able to guess who our "helper" was.
Looks like this is a game that will turn into – yet another – fun and cozy tradition around here.

A sweet snowman Vivian received from one of Santa's helper.


  1. Ååååå....for en utrolig nydelig Julekule:)
    Ønsker dere alle fortsatt herlig uke
    Klem Merete

  2. so magic!!!!!
    french kiss