Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Christmas in … September

The thermometer reads 72 °F outside, we’re wearing flip flops and summer clothes, and there’s only a gentle breeze. The topics of bathing water temperatures and which restaurants offer outdoor serving still come up during our lunch time chats.

Yet it’s Christmastime once again here at JDL. For months Jane and her “team” have been working on producing handmade Christmas ornaments to supply all of our retailers and now the transport containers are starting to arrive at a steady flow. Helle and Tina are working on the layout for the November issue of the magazine, and last week we received boxes and boxes of amazing Christmas ornaments from Anno 1808. Once again Janne has created lovely things to be featured in articles in this year’s two Christmas issues.

So today there’s no getting around it: We had to get in the Christmas spirit despite the warm weather. The last photo shoots need to be done so our writers and graphic designers can get on with their work.

Here’s a small sneak peek for you. We’ll bring you detailed instructions on how to make it this Christmas … /Vivian



  1. Nydelig Julepynt:)
    Ha en herlig kveld
    Klem Merete

  2. Ljuvliga bilder! ❤
    Längtar till advent och jul nu...
    Ha det fint!

  3. I am loooking forward to the Christmas issues

  4. Can't wait until I see the lovely christmas ornaments/decorations of yours!!! I like summertime,as everyone does,but I LOVE Christmas!!!