Monday, September 23, 2013

Amazing Paper art work

I really want to tell you about one of our co-workers here at JDL. Her name is Helle Routhe, and she works as graphic designer for our magazines and books. She’s incredibly creative, and in her spare time she paints amazing portraits. Several of us have commissioned paintings of family members for special occasions through the years.

And she’s innovative, too. In connection with her latest exhibit, Helle invented a special technique to make pictures out of just paper. Thus these pictures don’t have a single brush stroke. The images are made exclusively from colored paper. It’s simply incredible that it’s even possible to make such a wonderful portrait like that. /Vivian

What do you think?

Helle’s work can be viewed at Galleri 14 in Farsø, Denmark. Write to if you are interested in prices and pictures.


  1. Amazing talented this lady ... Great work Helle! <3

  2. Wonderful! It is amazing indeed an so unique!

  3. I actually thought that a was picture of Elvis in the first photograph, until I saw the picture the right way up, lol.

  4. hi,
    thank you for sharing such a beautiful art and designs with us ,i really appreciating to you.