Thursday, August 1, 2013

Back at work

We are back again from our summerholliday. A new magazine is ready and in this month’s issue, you can read about an amazing place here in Denmark, in a smaller town by the name of Hobro. It’s the perfect place to get a delicious bite to eat and try their home-brewed beer. In connection with our visit there, they shared some of their recipes using beer with us. You have to try them!

We’re continuing our series of themes and this time we take a look at the dining room. Check out the very different decorating styles and find inspiration to transform your own home. /Tina


  1. Herlig Inspirasjon:)
    Ønsker dere alle en Strålende Sommerferie:)
    Klem Merete

  2. Parfaite, mais ce magazine n'arrive pas chez moi, pas à Barcelone. C'est dommage!

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  4. Kom tilbake med nye ideer og masse inspirasjon, etter en god ferie!
    Vi ser fram til hvert nytt nummer av magasinet <3
    - Sylvi