Friday, June 21, 2013

My Little Paradise

I know I mention it often in this space … But I simply love this place where I live and work. To many people, Kondrup isn’t anything special. It’s not a ”hot” address. There’s neither ocean view nor much in the way of landscape. When the wind carries the wrong way, we can hear the freeway as if it were right in our back yard and that “countryside” smell regularly occurs.

And yet I just think it’s the most amazing place in the world and I feel so incredibly privileged. Our company is here as well, and on weekdays it’s like an ant farm around here with people swarming everywhere – in fact there’s 23 of us working here at the moment. Our jobs vary greatly. Exciting projects are always underway for the magazine and production of our handmade products and the warehouse is buzzing with activity.

If the weather is nice after everyone is gone for the day, we sometimes walk around the back to sit by the pasture behind the buildings. It’s a place to just be yourself surrounded with only the horses, birds and fields. Later on we might take a walk down the narrow dirt roads, and sometimes we lay down and look up at the sky – at the clouds or the windmills spinning around. We’ll continue our walk and then stop for a chat with one or several of the other residents in town.
It’s all part of what makes this my little paradise. What’s yours? Send us a photo and a story about your paradise and we might just feature it on our blog. /Vivian

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  1. Mine is at the beach. There's nothing like the rhythmic constant sound of the waves to sooth the soul! Hugs, Anne