Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring is Coming

Here at Jeanne d’Arc Living we’re slowly starting to see the signs of spring, and everyone is enjoying it fully. Our winter clothes are all stored away and summer dresses are finding their way to the front of our closets. In the new issue of the magazine, you can read about the prettiest yellow flowers that simply exude summer.
The weather in Denmark isn’t always suited for outdoor activities but everything is possible, of course, with the proper apparel. We visited a small island located between Amsterdam and Alkmaar, Holland, where the cows roam free and the people thoroughly enjoy the outdoors. See the amazing place where Yvonne spends her time restoring campers with striking, personal style.
Altogether the magazine has quite the summer feel with inspiration for bonfire cooking and food to bring on a picnic. Enjoy! /Tina



  1. Dette ser ut som en herlig bok full av inspirasjon:)
    Ønsker dere en herlig kveld og start på Mai månde:)
    Klem Merete

  2. Ciao Tina, nice atmosphere, you feel the spring in the air. Beautiful place and wonderful images.
    Have you nice week.Anna