Friday, March 1, 2013

Wonderful Spring

In this issue of the magazine, we once again bring you inspiring decorating tips – this time for your home office, which can be styled in many lovely ways. We’ll also show you how to decorate your sewing room in French style.
We’ve got delicious recipes using avocado and pineapple that are great for spring and a cozy dinner with friends. Once the menu is in place, how about trying your hand at some of our beautiful bouquets and flower decorations with horned pansies, heather or sweet, little catkins.
Enjoy! /Tina


  1. Utrolig vakre og inspirerende vår bilder:)
    Ønsker dere alle en herlig helg
    Klem Merete

  2. Just beautiful! The cake looks delicious! I love the pastel gray walls in the Pretty Flea Market finds room too along with everything in the room!

  3. Wow!!
    I already read this lovely magazine and I love it!