Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Multipurpose Jars

Old pickling jars have so many possible applications in addition to holding pickled and preserved foods.
You can use them anywhere in the house – like in the March issue of the magazine, for instance, where we’ve used them to hold ribbon, buttons and beads in a sewing room.

You can use them in the kitchen for various storage purposes and to hold cutlery, in the bathroom for bits and pieces and last but not least in the office …

The JDL collection now includes a wonderful reproduction of these jars as well as a reproduction of old apothecary bottles of various sizes. They offer at least as many applications as the versatile jars.

All of this wonderful glassware will be available in stores soon!


  1. Wonderful glassware. I love the last one, so sweet, so lovely!!

    Have a nice day