Monday, March 4, 2013

Just another day at JDL

Unloading a container, checking out product samples in the sunshine, PHOTO – designing this year’s Christmas ornaments. Nice atmosphere, teamwork and high spirits, as always.

Sanne and Lars checking products.

A good indicator of whether we’ve hit the mark with our collections is the reaction from the staff when the products arrive. Many of us don’t see the items until they’re actually delivered. Last Friday, a large delivery of both new products and re-orders of previous items arrived. EVERYONE was over the moon with excitement and crowded together in the courtyard to do test runs of assembling the products and check them over before photographing them.
Stop by our homepage to see them all…


  1. Norh en lækker bænk, den gad jeg godt eje, men den er nok heller ikke billig, mon dog!!!

    1. Hej
      Dejligt du kan lide de nye ting og specielt vores flotte bænk. Jeg bliver nødt til at sende dig videre til en af vores forhandlere hvis du vil have en pris. Du kan finde din nærmeste forhandler på
      Du må have en fantastisk dag. /Tina

  2. Herlige nyheter og de dekor glisende er nydelige:)
    Ha en god uke
    Klem Merete

  3. Beautiful photos! I love the gray room dividers doors and the vintage galvanized milk? container. Also the ceiling tile is perfect the way you have it sitting there ♥

  4. We are so happy you like alle the new things. There are much more to look at on
    Go to your local retail and ask for the new things. /Tina