Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Wonder Remedy

Sometimes you can literally spend years being slightly irritated by some simple matter which you just can't quite figure out how to solve.

That's how I've felt about cleaning bottles and carafes. I think it's so nice to pour water or homemade juice into the fancy bottles that French lemonade comes in. Or use old milk bottles for juice and milk on the breakfast table. It creates a bit of that cozy, nostalgic atmosphere which I like so much.

Last time we had company over, I used a small, glass apothecary bottle to serve the milk for our coffee – much to the delight of my guests.

But in the past, my big problem has been cleaning the tricky little things. I don't want to compromise on hygiene, especially with old, secondhand items – you can't always be sure what they've previously been used for. A regular bottlebrush just wasn't always sufficient.

It was actually some time ago that I received the good advice about using BAKING POWDER.

It came up again here at the magazine just before Christmas as we were writing an article about using old apothecary bottles in your decorating. They're quite decorative, but it would be a bit of a pity to not use them for beverages as well.
Sprinkle one tablespoon of baking powder into the bottle and add warm water (but not boiling or the bottle might burst). Leave the bottle for a few days, and the inside will be spotlessly clean.

Now you can use the bottles for any kind of beverage with peace of mind. /Vivian


  1. That is a great tip!
    Long time ago I've got the tip to use a tablet-for cleaning-false-teeth, isn't it funny? But it works!
    But from now on I prefer your method!!!!!!
    Today I start restyling my shop after Christmas and I am very happy to have a corner with JdL in my shop, I've got a lot of enthousiastic people who are pleased to have a "shop around the corner" with your beautifel things and magazines!
    Have a nice day,

  2. Thanks for this very useful advice
    Happy Tuesday

  3. ja, das ist ein ganz altes Hausmittel - ich kenne es noch von meiner Oma - die hat mit Backpulver vieles gereinigt. Gegen Kalk hilft auch Essigessenz. Die Anwendung ist die gleiche - Essigessenz mit warmem Wasser - und der Kalk löst sich ab.
    Ganz liebe Grüße nach Dänemark - Jacqueline

    1. Dear Jacquline,
      Thank you very much for the great tip. There are so many good ways to get the bottles cleaned. We will give it a try. Have a nice day. /Tina

  4. Takk for tips!! Har masse flasker jeg ikke tør bruke så dette kommer godt med:))
    Nye JDL på handlelisten i dag, GLEDER MEG!!


  5. Great tip! Thank you.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. Wonderful tip :) Thank you!
    I just love your blog, your magazine... Everythig about JDL!!
    Tahnk you for all your wonderful inspiration!
    Big hug

  7. Une autre astuce consiste à mettre du gros sel et un tout petit peu d'eau, de secouer la bouteille très fortement pour nettoyer tous les recoins. Une fois débarrassée du gros sel, faire chauffer du vinaigre blanc avec de l'eau et remplir la bouteille avec ce mélange pour enlever toute trace de calcaire et faire briller le verre!!!!
    J'adore votre blog et votre magazine que j'ai découvert récemment lors d'un voyage à Copenhague....
    dommage que je ne le trouve pas dans ma région!!!!
    Bonne année 2013 et continuez à nous faire rêver!!!!

    1. Dear Laure,
      Thank you very much for your tip. It also works well. If you write us a email and tell us where you live we can help you find a retailer near you. Some bonus info to you: From 1st March we published magazine in French. Have a nice day. / Tina

  8. Good tip - and another reason to haunt the antique booths!

  9. Wow, I am gone do that as well. Thank you for this marvelous tip!

  10. Ja, det tipset fikk jeg også for mange år siden av min Bestemor:)
    Nydelig bilde:)
    Klem Merete

  11. Another great tip is to use the grounds from coffee if you have a stubborn film -say from cream also for cleaning vases as it adgitates the bits off. Thank you for such inspiring ways of beauty. Tina Australia