Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wellness – The Natural Way

Now that the cold has really set in throughout Denmark and the snow covers the landscape like a thick blanket, I can't wait to go away to our summer house for the weekend!

The woods are an amazing place for taking long walks, watching the snow fall quietly and feeling the frost nipping at your nose.
The quiet seems magnified when the snow muffles all sounds and the only thing your hear is the creaking sound under your boots.

 Photo from the January 2013 issue of Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine

Before we head out, we get a fire going in the wood stove so the house will be nice and warm when we return with red cheeks and fresh forest air in our lungs.
This year we'll also be starting up our new outdoor bath, which heats the water to 100 °F.
We had it installed this summer and have already gotten a lot of enjoyment out of it.
It is especially amazing in the evenings when it's dark out and the stars are bright.
The subtle sounds from the woods are pleasant and relaxing.

But I'm also looking forward to experiencing it at wintertime – running through the snow and jumping into the steaming hot water.
It must be a really unique experience to sit there when it's freezing out...

  Photo from Poolworld.dk

Don't forget to enjoy the season and nature by going swimming og sledding or taking a walk in the woods... It's so beautiful out there!
Or how about grabbing a flashlight and heading out for some “after dark” sledding down a nearby hill? That's been our "evening walk" for the past few days – and the kids love it!
Then we're all happy and tired in a good way when we get back home and snuggle up on the couch to watch the Christmas special.

There will be plenty of time to accomplish all the practical tasks. Being together is what's most important this time of year...

Happy December / Vivian


  1. Lovely...the way you describe your winter moods.... Overhere (the Netherlands) we also have been treated on snow! Just great to walk with our dog in de snow...even in our garden...it's one big snowball!! No hottub for us,but just the central heating!! Make it cosy,light the candles,drink a hot cup of coffee and in the meantime decorate the house with christmasdecorations. I love this time of the year!! Thanks for such a wonderfull magazine and blog aswell!!!! Ina.

  2. It is wonderful to jump in a hot tub in the snow, and then once out take time to lay in the snow. It is so refreshing.