Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas

We often receive various types of communications from you, the readers of our magazine. We are delighted each and every time that you take the time to write to us.
Sometimes you send us good ideas for articles or DIY projects. Sometimes you have questions regarding some practical matter or perhaps something that's got you puzzled. Other times you have suggestions for changes which you feel should be made.
No matter the reason behind your communications, we really, really appreciate them all! Every one of them. They make us happy, make us think and sometimes we get to see things in another light. We learn a lot from that... It makes us do our best at all times.

Certain communications leave a particular imprint in our memory.
A few months ago we received an email from a German boy – Marcel. He's just 16 years old and a big fan of what we do. That in itself is a bit extraordinary. But not only that...

With inspiration from our work, he makes the loveliest arrangements and then photographs them. Some of them were posted on our Facebook page a couple of weeks ago. We have to say that there's a natural talent!
A few days ago he sent us a short Christmas greeting, which included this photograph among others.

Don't you find this amazing? We do!

With this pretty picture, all of us here at JDL wish you a very Merry Christmas!/Vivian


  1. Yeah!!! I fully agree with you....he has real good taste and certainly considering his age!!! Great fun to read his blog aswell!!
    Wishing you wonderfull Xmas time....I'll dissapear into my kitchen...baking Spekkedikken....(a northern Dutch traditionaltreat, eaten during Xmas season) Bye, Ina

    1. I would love to see Marcel's blog...what is the name and address of his blog? Thank you...

    2. Hi!
      Well this is Marcels blog:

      Not sure about the .nl part......I guess that sould be .com ,but I use the dutch translation....
      Enjoy reading it!!!

  2. This young man is an artist. He has an extraordinary eye and a gift for capturing beauty. Merry Christmas!
    Laura xoxo

  3. Very talented young man! Merry Christmas to all at JDL!! Love, Roberta

  4. Yes the picture is great! I wish you great Christmasdays and the best wishes for 2013!
    Lovely greetings,

  5. Merry Christmas to you all too and thank you for the gift of sharing Marcel's work with us!