Monday, November 26, 2012

Something for everyone

One of the things for which we often receive compliments regarding the magazine is the how we provide ideas and inspiration that our readers can actually use.
The fact that we're "regular people," most of us with no specific assumptions about "the right way" or “the wrong way" from a professional point of view, means that we're on a level that most people can relate to. Our food, bread and cakes aren't made by professional chefs, the photo shoots aren’t professionally styled, and although Susanne is a professional florist, her decorations are always at a level suitable for most.

Many of our featured items are easy to get a hold of. It's completely natural to us that this should be our focus at all times.

That's not to say that we don't occasionally "stray" in order to show you something fun and different like a home set up in a cave or a castle. Or lots of other fun, old odds and ends that are actually so hard to find that you might call them rare antiques.
We want to include those things as well. But we do aim to ensure that 80% of what we make is done with things and materials that are easy to find.

Thus the content of both this year's Christmas issues AND our Christmas book is a wonderful mix of new and old, DIY projects and easy and delicious recipes. There's something for every taste... And all three are in stores right now!
The December issue is just hitting the shelves these days. You can read about how to make wreaths and decorate with pretty, little lady apples.
Get in your creative mode and make some new Christmas ornaments with plaster. We give you a look back on everyday food from the old days when porridge was an important stable at mealtimes.

You'll also get our "recipe" for how to make your own drums for your Christmas tree – they're easy to make and very elegant. Bake some bread and cakes, not for eating but for decorating your home for Christmas.

Poinsettias can't be avoided around Christmastime. Even if we've always tried! (It's never been our favorite plant.) We accepted the challenge however, and we have to say that the results aren't bad at all. They actually can look decorative, both "as is" and also in decorations, bouquets and wreaths.
Find the magazine and the book at your local JDL retailer and let yourself be inspired.
We wish you all a very merry Christmas! /Tina & Vivian


  1. The December issue is marvelous! I love the feature on decorative breads and plan on trying some this week. Is there a recipe that works especially well?
    Have a wonderful holiday!

  2. Outstanding as always!
    We just took out children and their families on a cabin rental for Thanksgiving weekend! At the cabin I put out tons of red apples as decor, just what I saw in your Christmas issue. Even the men noticed and commented :)
    My best wishes for you all at JDL!

  3. I am beyond in love with your magazine & all you do. I also love the fact that it remains authentic. here is to many years creating & giving us such incrediable beauty. xo Laura

  4. Your Christmas issue most definitely gave me ideas. I might try to make some miniature drums tomorrow :-)

    Best wishes,