Thursday, November 22, 2012

A JDL Family Get-Together

By now the ”Jeanne d’Arc family” is getting pretty big, and getting all of us together can prove to be somewhat of a challenge. Especially since this year we’ve gained even more representatives in Finland, Norway and Sweden: Virpi from Finland, Mette-Mari in Norway and Jessica in Sweden. Additionally, there’s Erik and Ineke in Germany and Holland, respectively, and “good old” Vicky in Denmark. All will be staying at Hotel Randers.

But we’ve actually succeeded in bringing everyone together for the next few days. In connection with our annual Christmas party at PAKHUSET in Randers this Saturday, we’ve invited everyone to arrive a little early.

So tomorrow we’re all going to enjoy a traditional Danish Christmas luncheon out here. Gitte and Susanne are already busy cooking and there’s a wonderful smell of cabbage in white sauce, Danish meatballs and pork roast. The house is buzzing with activity. We’re putting up a lit Christmas tree outside in the courtyard, making pretty decorations and setting up for the lunch buffet tomorrow. I just love the atmosphere here!

We’re really looking forward to seeing everyone both tomorrow and at the Christmas party on Saturday. /Vivian


  1. I would love, love, love to become a representative of your fabulous magazine and books in ireland. being an aromatherapy book author and teacher with wonderful old premises right at the seafront in the southwest of ireland and also having a german degree in graphic-design i am extremely fond of your style (and would love to decorate the entire house this way - it is still rented but we might buy it one day. what are your conditions?

  2. Hi Eliane
    I'm glad that you love and enjoy our magazine and books. You can apply to become a dealer on this site
    But I'm not quite sure if that's what you want. You can also send a email to and explain to him what you think.
    Have a nice day. /Tina

  3. Hello"!
    I love your lovely magazin,, I read it over and over again!
    And the Christmas book are so beautiful!!!
    Have a nice weekwnd