Tuesday, October 30, 2012

While We Wait

I'm very proud to present this lovely pre-Christmas issue.
Among other things, you can visit a beautiful castle in Düsseldorf, which is simply amazing and fairytale-like. Make the most beautiful decorations using old baking tins and chocolate molds. Delicious recipes with pomegranate that are also super decorative with their striking red color. Herbs and spices are good for other things than just cooking. Decorate for Christmas with all of the decorative plants and spices – really different but beautiful. We’ve made a visit to a candy making shop, which turned into a really nice article. See the process from start to finish – you can almost taste the candy just from looking at the pictures. That's all I'm going to reveal. Hurry down to your local retailer to find the magazine! So I'll wish you happy reading and just let you know that you can look forward to our beautiful December issue, which will hit the stands later this month. /Tina


  1. So charming and romantic!
    I like it

  2. It should be in the mailbox today.Oh, I can hardly wait.Love JdL.


  3. Beautiful, as always!
    Best wishes for a great time leading up for the Holidays,

  4. Hallo
    Thanks for all the lovely words. Hope you all had a lovely weekend in the company of the new magazine, and hope you like what you see. Have a nice day to all of you. /Tina