Monday, October 15, 2012

Hi everyone!

Some people are of the opinion that everybody here at the office is more or less crazy. Even some staff members occasionally make remarks like that – usually with a smile but still with a poorly disguised grain of truth. They actually mean it. And…they’re probably right to some extent!

This is to mean that once we get an idea, we feel compelled to make it a reality right away. Or yesterday, if possible. Oftentimes, we get so excited about the idea that we become practically euphoric. Luckily, our co-workers are just as crazy…and ready to go along with our crazy ideas – sometimes they even bring them to the table themselves!

It sometimes happens that these ideas bring along exceptional challenges. We actually have plenty to do around here at the moment. We’re still making plenty of Christmas decorations in Jane’s production department. We have several people working almost round the clock. Large Christmas orders are being shipped out daily and we’re still getting new orders in as well. In the editorial office, Helle is busy with this year’s big Christmas issue as well as the layout for the Easter book. Tina is working on the layout for the January issue, while Dorte is heading out into the world on an inspirational trip together with our newly hired buyer, Jytte. And the rest of us are writing lots of features and articles. Our days really are pretty full…

But then yesterday, we decided that we wanted to make a nice calendar for red-letter days to go along with the annual calendar – in itself a very good idea and something that we’ve received several inquiries about. The mad part, however, is that we decided – together with the involved co-workers – to have it printed and in stores by December 1st of this year (a brilliant idea from Kristian, who is in the sales department).

Now, there is a certain amount of production time involved in making printed matters like this. We need to shoot a lot of new photos, find texts, have them translated, and put together a nice layout. Then the calendars have to be printed, bound and sent to our stores.

But the amazing thing is that we all think it’s a good idea and therefore offer to put in extra hours. In just a few minutes, so many people had offered to pitch in that it actually looks like we’ll be able to pull it off!

So without further ado, we’re now presenting…

Find it at your local JDL retailer from December 1st. And this time, there will be a version in English as well, which will also be the case for our annual calendar going forward.

Have a great day everyone! /Vivian


  1. Ohh so beautiful!!
    Have a nice week
    Fågel Blå

  2. Love the idea and cannot wait to get one...don't know what I did before your magazines came out...more inspiration than I could ever have dreamed of!!!!! Thank you,Chrissy

  3. Good day to everyone on the world.