Friday, September 28, 2012

Curly Kale – Not Just for Eating

We personally find a lot of inspiration from all the places that we visit on our photo shoots. Right now, we’re working on the layout for the December issue.
Yesterday our two graphic designers, Helle and Tina, were practically swooning over an article that’s featured in this issue.
It’s about using kale as a decoration. THAT is something Helle wants to try at home.
Tina has a large vegetable garden with plenty of curly kale. So today, the car was crammed to bursting point with kale, and as the morning progressed, more and more co-workers wanted in on the idea.

Curly kale is in season right now. Keep an eye out for it at roadside stands and farmers’ markets…

If you happen to have some left over, you can use it for some of the wonderful, hearty recipes that call for kale. Perhaps a traditional dish with white sauce or a nice, filling salad with fresh kale.
Not only does it look nice, it’s also delicious and super healthy and helps to stave off fall colds. /Vivian


  1. I didn't know you had a blog and so delighted to be here. Will visit often! Love this post on kurly kale. I am using it instead of flowers for an autumn party/Halloween we are having. :)

  2. I've also heard just now,about this blog....Lovely!!!
    Interesting to see how curly kale is used by others. Overhere (the Netherlands) we cook the curly kale(after we got some frost over it), mingle it through mashed potatoes,and eat it with some baked bacon and sausages.... really good winterfood!

    Will come and visit here often!!! Keep up the good work!!!