Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I have a wild thicket of blackberry brambles. It's not exactly EASY to pick the berries... but they do taste amazing – so I wear a leather glove to pick them. We eat them plain or with just a bit of sugar in desserts and fruit salads.

Blackberry Schnapps
You can also make an excellent blackberry schnapps:
Pour plenty of sugar over fresh berries and add enough whiskey to fill the bottle. Let it sit for two months for the flavors to combine. Now you have an amazing beverage, which is also perfect as a hostess gift for the holidays – so now is the time to get started. /Vivian

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  1. Blåbær er bare utrolig godt og kan brukes til så masse:)
    Fortsatt herlig dag:)

    Klem Merete