Wednesday, June 20, 2012

From Idea to Reality

It often happens that we walk around revolving an idea for a long time here at the office – without taking it any further.
One of the things I’ve wanted to make for a long time is a beautiful calendar.
I don’t care too much for the ones at the bookstore but with a family of five, I really do need calendars. I need a wall calendar in my kitchen with an overview of the entire month and room to write in all the appointments of different members of the family so my husband and children can SEE THE APPOINTMENTS THEMSELVES!
AND I need a calendar to keep on the kitchen counter with a little more space to write for each day… But it’s not something you just throw together…it actually takes quite a bit of work, and the sales period is pretty brief. So for years, the idea was never realized. Every time I’ve gone to buy a new one, we’ve end up talking about it here.
After all, practically every family has a calendar like that in some form or other… and we all agree that we should make some. So last year, when our partners in Holland – Erik and Ineke – mentioned that their customers would like one as well, we started looking a little further into the possibility of making them. Now it was getting to be within reach. The planning in terms of appearance, which photos to use, etc. could begin. We quickly zeroed in on the sizes. There had to be enough room to write in notes and appointments while also doing the pictures justice.Also, the “book version” had to be the right size to carry in a purse.
Right now, Tina’s making layouts for the table/purse model – it’s going to be SO nice! 160 pages of beautiful photos along with fun and relevant little texts.
A beautiful layout with the esthetics front and center – JUST the thing for me. I’m already looking forward to getting one for myself. As you know, that’s a really good starting point. It won’t be long now before Helle gets started on the wall calendar.
It’s a very exciting and creative process once we get to the details – which small curlicue or which font, etc.
Unfortunately, we currently only have the basis for making them in Danish, German and Dutch. But if they become a success, we’ll definitely expand the production with more languages and products in the same line. /Vivian


  1. What a great idea!
    I would love to carry those in my shoppe, so hopefully the English version won't be to far behind....
    Best of luck :)

  2. Such lovely idea.....I think all women love this ;)

  3. Oh wow...just gorgeous! I KNOW they would be a hit in the USA too!! PLEASEEEEE!! :)

  4. Great idea! I´m lookinf forward to it!

  5. Was für eine schöne Idee - ich freue mich auf die Kalender - vor allem, da sie auch in deutscher Sprache aufgelegt werden !!!
    Liebe Gruesse aus Deutschland
    Jacqueline - princessgreeneye

  6. This is breathtaking beautiful! I'm looking foward to it! Kind regards from the Netherlands, Odetta

  7. Beautiful idea,
    always inspired with what you offer.

    I am most inspired by the beauty in your JDA magazine leaving me touched at the edges of my heart soulfully.


  8. sounds great! cant wait to see more! the pictures are soooo romantic! have a nice sunday; di ;0)

  9. Whoa! What a great idea, and I have a feeling it will be a big seller. I really hope to be able to buy one here. Your success is fun to watch!

  10. Hello!

    I got my calendar today, and I'm just overwhelmed about its beauty!

    It really is the most beautiful calendar ever!!!

    Thanks for such a great and exceeding thing for daily use...!!!

    Thanks so much,

    your fan Sandra from Germany