Monday, June 11, 2012

The End of the Summer Flowers

I can’t put it off much longer…I have to confess. You’ve probably been wondering why you haven’t read anything about my “Project Summer Flowers” for a long time…
I’ve finished off the fledgling plants in my summerhouse. I’m simply not suited to be a “plant mother.”
We had the most amazing weather for Whitsun here in Denmark: clear, sunny skies and 28 degrees in the shade.
I enjoyed it to the full – went away for the weekend with my husband and kids for three days – and forgot all about the poor little plants.
It must have been at least twice as hot in the summerhouse, and what little water they had must have already evaporated the first day.
When we returned home on Monday and found them limp and slumped over the type box, I pretty much knew that it was over.
Nonetheless, I put them outside in the fresh air and provided them with new supplies. Both Lars and I have been checking on them several times a day. But to no avail.
We probably should have done that BEFORE we left. They actually should have been planted out…they were big enough for it.
And then we should have arranged for someone to check on them…
But I didn’t get around to it and now it’s over. They never turned into more than tiny seedlings – quite embarrassing, considering how many of you were following their progress here on the blog.
I’ll just have to admit once and for all that this is not were my abilities and interests lie. I’ve never been good at these things and probably never will be.
I’m more of a perennial girl – at least they look after themselves. And then I’m happy to pick a bouquet of wildflowers or buy a few bunches from the greengrocer to supplement. /Vivian


  1. That is sad. The ssedlings gone.
    Well better next time, or buy them in pots, hihi.


  2. Søde Vivian - Planteskolen har skønne sommerblomster lige klar til at plante ud i krukker og haven - og hvem kan se du har snydt ;o))
    Jeg er heller ikke så god til det - det kunne lige så godt være sket for mig ;o)
    Så jeg føler med dig - men så er der nogle andre ting vi er gode til ;o))
    Klem fra Tina ;o)

  3. Aww what a bummer. I had some flowers do that. They looked totally dead. I watered them and they perked right up. So sorry yours didn't. :(

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  5. Hej Tina.
    Tak for de altid forstående og trøstede ord. Ja du har helt ret.. Man kan ikke være god til alting.. Jeg har været forbi planteskolen i dag og du har helt ret.. Der var rigtig mange fine blomster. Så nu er krukkerne fyldt op. Som du kan se af dagens indlæg herfra, er jeg faktisk ikke bleg for at springe over hvor gærdet er lavest indimellem :-) /Knus fra Vivian