Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A piece of advice!

Don’t run out and buy summer flowers and start planting in your pots…just because there’s been a few days with spring in the air during the month of March. I fall for it every year – can’t resist the pretty geraniums and other goodies – and suddenly it’s back to night frost again! It’s just so disappointing. I’ve decide to restrain myself this year. Instead, I’ll be spending some of my upcoming days off pre-germinating seeds from our own organic seed collection. Together with Lonnie, our Danish supplier has put together “flower beds” in coordinating colors -just the thing for someone like me who doesn’t have quite as green of a thumb as I might have liked. It doesn’t get much easier than that. I’ve chosen this package with white poppies, cosmos, cornflowers and great mullein – everything in shades of white. It’s gonna be so pretty this summer. I’m already looking forward to being able to bring the bouquet into my living room…if I have the heart.

Happy Easter, everyone! /Vivian


  1. Hello Vivian,
    I love these seedpackets, they are very nice!
    Happy Easter, joyeuse paques,

  2. Well hello from Canada!!! What a wonderful surprise to find you now have a blog...could not be happier! I just love your magazine,have been receiving it since 2009 and look forward to every new issue! Have you ever thought about coming to Canada to see some of our lovely homes...would be awesome if you did! Well again I am so happy to find your blog...all the best,Chrissy

  3. What a gorgeous seed packet! Wish they were that pretty around here!!

  4. Just love them ;)
    Happy Easter!!

  5. Yes! And if you're too early you just have to plant again! Nothing prettier than drifts of flowers from seed!
    Happy planting!
    Deb ;)

  6. In the Netherlands we have the habit to wait until after 'IJsheiligen' (the days of the Ice Saints) to put our plants outside. The days of 'IJsheiligen' are from 11 - 14 may. The Saints are: Marmertus, Pancratius, Servatius and Bonifatius.

  7. My olive three's are outside since one week, but even in holland we get this week night frost so i have to put them inside again pff..my lavendel is waiting in the kitchen to go outside ;)
    Nice easter!

  8. Hei!

    Pakkene med frø er bare herlige og jeg har prøvd de selv:) nå begynner de å spire! Må jo prøve varen jeg selger:)
    Ha en riktig god påske!

    Klem Merete

  9. Frøpakkene er så koselige å ha til pynt:-)
    Ha en fin påskeaften.

  10. Hello!
    My favorite magazine is Jeanne d´Are Living. The last number of Easter was very nice spring inspiration. The French countryside decor is big here in Sweden too, and a plus that it is translated into Swedish.
    Happy Easter!
    Hugs Anette