Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Quest for the Perfect Creme Brulee

Right now we at the editorial office are working on material for our upcoming EASTER BOOK - to be published in 2013.

Fond of good food as we are, it didn't take long for us to decide that we needed to include food in the book - to a limited extent, of course - it is, after all, (mostly) about the decoration. So all of last week, we were in the kitchen making champagne brunch with various homemade dishes, delicious lunches and wonderful dinners...  admittedly, there was also quite a bit of the kind where everything just needs to be nicely plated. I mean - you can buy SO many scrumptious delicacies these days - we don't have to make EVERYTHING from scratch, right? One thing that we actually receive quite a bit of praise for from our readers - is that sometimes it's EASY. That's how it is with some things, and then there's others that we feel just MUST be homemade. Creme Brulee is one of those things... Susanne and I HAVE tried several different ones of the storebought variety and it's just not the same. We've been there where it's baked too long - and we were left with a sweet, steamed omelet. So last week, we tried again. This time around, we were really careful to do everything exactly according to the recipe - we'd watched videos online and had asked everyone we know if they knew the best recipe. We'd bought both pasteurized, organic egg yolks and cream. EVERYTHING was ready. It failed!! Again!! This time only about the top ½ inch had set - the rest was completely liquid! I mean - how hard can it be? All the way back into town to buy new ingredients, we - Susanne and I - were discussing... was the cream too hot - too cold - was the oven too cold - not enough water in the water bath - too much?? We're gonna try again now - when we succeed, you'll be the first to know :o) /Vivian


  1. Kære Vivian og co.
    Skønt at bloggen endelig så dagens lys - jeg glæder mig til at følge den og jer bag Jeanne d'Arc Living.
    Håber i alle får en fantastisk påske ;o)
    Klem fra Tina ;o)

  2. Held og lykke med bloggen
    Glæder mig til at følge jer.:-)

    Fru Page

  3. Tillykke med jeres nye blog side ,har selv en blog det er så hyggeligt god vind til jer har lagt mig som følger knus Maj-Britt

  4. Mmm Creme Brulee, best dessert ever :)Looking forward to be inspired by your new book :)
    Hugs Lisa - Creations by Lis

  5. Really really nice that you have started a blogg :)

    Love your pictures!

    Now i will recomend it to all my friends and coustumers!

    Big Hugh!


  6. 2nd Saturdayz is so excited that you have a blog. We love you here in the Pacific Northwest and we are so proud to sell your magazine at out once a month market. Congratulations.

  7. So glad I can keep up with happenings at JDL now! I guess I was lucky because the one and only time I made Creme Brulee, it came out fabulous!! Good luck Girls!
    Enchanted Treasures

  8. Lycka till!:) Roligt att ni har en blogg nu!

  9. Hello!
    So very nice that there is a blog :) Very nice that as a dealer can see where you are located and åssen products are made. Incredibly cozy place and you have some great pictures so far :) Like it very much :)
    Have a wonderful all at Jeanne D'ar Living :)

    Hugs Merete

  10. I never make creme brulée, but my husband does... he purchased a kit for our anniversary and has made it ever since.

    So good to find you here, Vivian. Weekend wishes filled with good spirit! ~Tracie

  11. underbart härligt med en ny blogg,jag följer er.
    Stor kram

  12. Thank you very much for all the nice words. We are really pleased that so many are following us. We looking forward to show you more about what we are doing here at Jeanne d'Arc Living. Follow us!!!

  13. Hvilken skjønn blog. Jeg la meg til som følger:-)
    Ønsker dere en riktig god påske!
    Klem fra Hjørdis

  14. I find your wonderful blog and will come again

    I wish you a wonderful Easter weekend